fundamentally different health care system

Health care, health, or medical care is the general care of health through the diagnosis, prevention, therapy, treatment, care, or recovery of illness, disease, injury, or other bodily and mental disabilities in humans. Health care involves general practitioners, nurses, physicians, specialists, and emergency and hospital personnel engaged in health care activities. Health care providers include doctors, surgeons, specialists, licensed nutritionists, and acupuncturists. Find out more about functional medicine clinic london on this page. 

Health-care services are offered by public and private organizations. Most health systems cover most of the health care costs.
The main functions of health care to include prevention of diseases, maintenance of health, recovery of injured or sick persons, and treatment of severe and life-threatening conditions. A major function of the health care system is to promote health through the education, awareness, and adoption of medical science. Healthcare service delivery also includes utilization of medical equipment and medical supplies. Generic drugs are a vital part of the healthcare system. Generic drugs are used for treating most common diseases and improving the patients' health.

In the United States, the Public Health Service, or PHS, is a federal agency responsible for the overall direction and coordination of the health system. PHS is administered by the states. The major functions of the agency are to administer the National Health Services Act, establish programs for national health insurance, provide for the occupational and health requirements of persons applying for Federal benefits, develop standards for health care and treatment, and regulate professional practices. PHS also allocates funds for health needs, family services, and tests for prevention and diagnosis of disease. The state level PHS also provides programs for children and adults with disabilities.

The Affordable Care Act or HIPAA regulates private health insurance. The Act is implemented by individual health insurance companies as well as group health plans. Its focus is to protect the consumer from undesirable health care providers. As per the HIPAA, every individual is required to have an insurance plan that contains minimum coverage of health care services and hospitals. The HIPAA also allows the use of reasonable deductibles and co-pays for most health care services.

The main feature of the Affordable Care Act is the implementation of a consumer-based, fee-for-service medical financing system, called "managed care." The primary function of managed care is to coordinate the various health care services by giving primary care physicians and specialists access to real-time patient data and other information about the health status of their patients. The aim of managed care is to improve the quality of health care and prevent health problems before they become severe. According to the American Health Care Association, "The shared purpose of Medicare and Medicaid is to provide preventive health care and hospitalization services; restrict health care utilization; and provide coverage for illness, injury, and accident." It is obvious from this that a single payer system is not able to focus on all three aspects. Read more about functional medicine doctor on this page.

Although the current system is much more complex than the original system of National Health Service, it is fundamentally different health care system. It attempts to give more focus on the patient's health rather than the need of medical providers to make profits. As such, there are certain flaws that need to be addressed so that the system becomes more efficient. For a general overview of this topic, you may need to check out this post: